Seller FAQ’s

Is My Property Going To Sell?

There are two components needed to maximise the chances of a sale through auction: Firstly, a motivated and realistic seller, and secondly, great marketing exposure. If you decide to explore the auction route further, a member of our auction department will carry out research and honestly discuss the best pricing strategy to maximise interest in your property. However the final decision will always lie with you, the seller.

How Long Does The Auction Last?

How long the auction lasts will be agreed with you once the auction pack, however most properties are offered on our auction site for 30 days. You can tell how much time is remaining on a specific auction by looking on the search section or by clicking into the property details where the time remaining will be displayed in the top left-hand corner.

Do I Have To Accept The Highest Bid For The Property?

Not at all. Each property has an “undisclosed” Reserve Price, this is the minimum amount that you agree that you are willing to accept for your property. Only the Start Bid and any bids received are visible as the reserve price remains confidential. If the Reserve Price has been met when the auction ends, or you accept a bid to end the auction early, a sale will then be agreed.

What Is A Starting Bid?

With every auction there will be a starting bid. This is the price published for each property and confirms the level at which the bidding will commence. Starting Bids are for guidance only, they are not the price that the property is being sold for. Each Starting Bid has a corresponding Reserve Price.

What Is A Reserve Price?

This is the minimum price that agree you would be happy to sell your property for. This figure is kept private and is not disclosed to interested parties, however as a guide the reserve is generally no more than 10% in excess of the Starting Bid.

Can I Accept Bids Outside The Auction Process?

Yes, if you want to accept a bid to sell your property before the auction has finished that’s fine. We are duty bound to put any offer for the property forward to you, so it is entirely up to you if you want to accept an offer and take the property out of the auction early. Your buyer will still be bound by the terms and conditions of the auction.

Are Bids Legally Binding?

With the modern method of auction; the bid binds the buyer to pay a reservation fee and sign a reservation agreement. It does not bind the buyer to buy the property but instead allows them to reserve the right to exclusively exchange contracts on the property at an agreed price within 56 days of the bid being accepted.

What If The Reserve Price Is Not Met?

If the reserve price is not met during the auction, we will communicate with you and any interested parties to see if a sale can still be achieved.

How Quickly Will I Have To Move Out?

If you are living in the property, you need to vacate the property prior to completion taking place. With the modern method of auction the winning bidder has 56 days to complete the purchase from when the Draft Contract is received by their solicitor from your solicitor.

With the Traditional Method, exchange takes place straight away and a date for completion will be agreed at that time, however, the buyer is required to complete within 28 days of exchange taking place.

If you are involved in a chain and are not able to provide vacant possession within the timescales above, auction may not be the most suitable method of sale for you.

How Are You Paid If I Pay No Commission?

Unlike private treaty, the buyer pays a non-refundable reservation fee when the auction is successfully concluded. The fee paid is typically 4.2% including VAT of the final purchase price and is subject to a minimum payment of £6,000 including VAT. The fee is held by iamsold to reserve the property to the buyer and show their commitment to the purchase. The fee is later used to pay the Estate Agent and Auctioneer who work in partnership to provide the auction.

Why Do I Need To Complete An Identification Process?

All Estate Agents and Property Auctioneers are obligated under the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019 to make enquiries of you in order establish your identity. Our dedicated compliance team are there to help our clients through the process.

Why Do You Use Sole Selling Rights Agreements?

This type of agreement is typical with auctions. It’s used as when the auction ends and the reserve is met, the seller is enters into a binding reservation agreement with the buyer, granting them exclusively to the property during the agreed timescales.

Sole Selling Rights means that the property can only be marketed and sold through iamsold and your Estate Agent whilst it is under contract, and this ensure all parties are able to proceed in the instance advised above.

A Viewer Has Made Me An Offer Privately, Can I Accept It?

It’s important that negotiations are carried out by the Partner Agent and iamsold whilst you are under contract and there a number of reasons for this. Sellers become liable for the auction fees rather than the buyer due to the contract terms, and our sale methods are designed to provide commitment and security to both parties.

Our aim is to help you sell your property so we will work with any interested party if they are unsure about auction, so that we can try and agree a sale for you.