Preparing your property for advertising

With 98% of buyers finding their new home online, making sure your property stands out amongst the rest is absolutely vital to ensure that buyers are attracted to your property instantly.

The first visual contact a buyer has is the pictures of your home, at Roe & Co we will edit any pictures if required to make them look brighter, blue skies, bin removals making them visually attractive.

Clients often ask why don’t we put their pictures in order of walking through their home, on Rightmove when searching for a property it shows you the first two pictures on the advert, by showing the front of the home followed by a hallway isn’t going to attract the buyers to click onto your advert (Unless the hallway was a grand and impressive hallway) The next pictures should be the best rooms in the home, normally being the kitchen/bathrooms, these are the two rooms in the house that buyers will want to see before living rooms, dining rooms etc.





Estate Agents


Also known as “staging”, it is important to prepare your property for sale. This will ensure that your property is sold more quickly and potentially for a higher price.
Most buyers form an opinion of your property within the first 15 seconds of the viewing.
We will give advice on how to stage your property and when taking our photographs, we will move anything we think shouldn’t be in the picture.


Remove excess items and store out of sight. People want to envisage themselves living in your property therefore it’s crucial to maximise perceived living space. Also consider removing any large items of furniture that makes a room feel small by replacing with smaller furniture.


Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint with neutral colours will make your property seem lighter and bigger. It will allow prospective buyers to easily imagine how a room can be adapted to their own tastes and create a very good first impression.


Make any minor repairs such as holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles, torn or threadbare carpets. Deep clean your property and get rid of lime scale and tile grout. Hang up fresh towels. Tidy up the garden, cut bushes back, clean the patio, outside furniture and ensure you cut your lawn.


Wall mirrors make a room look larger and lighter. Consider putting some up, especially in smaller rooms or hallways. Clean the windows inside and out and replace any broken light bulbs. Making your home feel light and airy will make rooms feel bigger.


Ensure that the temperature within your property is comfortable for prospective buyers when they view. If the property is empty, set your heating/cooling system accordingly.


Avoid there being strong smells of cooking, cigarette smoke or pet related odours during viewings. If your pet malts, then give your property a quick vac to pick up any loose hairs. As much as we love our doggies (so much so they had to feature on my website), unfortunately not everyone does.