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98% of prospective buyers search for properties online from the comfort of their own home, on a night shift from their office etc and for this reason your property advert will be published on Rightmove and our website. We feel Rightmove is the main property portal in the UK and will give you the best exposure to buyers. We also utilise social media to advertise properties as a large audience of accidental buyers will come across properties that might get them to consider moving. (Accidental buyer, is a buyer that wasn’t actively looking for a property but is enticed upon seeing a property that suddenly takes their interest)

The market will determine what the buyer is prepared to pay for your property. Our job is to help ensure your property is valued accurately, where full focus is to understand the local market values and to back up our valuation with real evidence. It’s understandably tempting to instruct the agent who gives the highest valuation, unfortunately you may find it takes you longer to sell and more often than not, you can find that the price you sell for is a lot less than you were expecting.

A recent report showed that the original asking price for a third of properties on the market had to be reduced by £25,000 on average before achieving a sale. Every property will sell if it’s presented, marketed and most importantly priced correctly. We are equipped with the latest valuation tools, having more time to focus on property market levels, thereby meaning that the most accurate, evidence based valuations can be provided. When obtaining valuations from Estate Agents, make sure they explain and demonstrate where they have got their valuation from and that it isn’t just a guesstimate, as you could also sell yourself short in some instances. Should you disagree with our valuation, or have been persuaded by another agent that it should be higher, then we can test the market for you but we would advise if your property isn’t sold within 4 weeks then the price will need to be reviewed. In all cases we will do our utmost to sell at the highest price possible.

We rely mostly on recommendations which will only come from doing an excellent job with previous clients. We are not a business that relies on volumes of properties to come to the market, as our model is to look after you from start to finish and give you the time needed to sell your home. Furthermore unlike some of the online estate agents that are charging you a fee regardless of whether you sell or you don’t, you won’t pay our marketing fee until you have completed. 

Yes, if perhaps you already have an asking price in mind that you would like to aim for, you can instruct us at any time. We can immediately get to work on preparing your property for an agreed market launch date. If you don’t live locally, you can post a set of keys recorded delivery to our office, where will will then attend the property and prepare the advert, this is to save you travelling to let me in the property.
When booking a valuation, you can request a date and the time of day you’d like the valuation to be carried out. When we ring you to book the valuation, we will try to adhere to the timescales however sometimes it might not be possible. We leave a 2 and a half hour gap for each valuation, to allow us to spend time with you on the valuation and if you decide there and then you’d like us to prepare your advert, this gives us the time to do so and not let the next client down by being late.
You will need to check your notice period with them. If you are outside your fixed term contract period, then you should be able to move easily. You could also opt for a multiple agency agreement with your existing agent, however this will likely result in an increase in their fees. It is counter-productive to list your property with two agents as it could mean duplicate adverts appearing on the same property portals (which can be perceived to buyers that you are desperate to sell and use this to negotiate an offer) and also mean you are required to pay two fees instead of one.

An EPC is valid for 10 years and belongs to the house, not the owner so it is transferable upon a new owner taking possesion.

To check if your property has an EPC, go to this website https://www.epcregister.com/reportSearchAddressByPostcode.html enter your postcode and you will find your EPC there if you have one.

If your EPC is valid then you can use this, I would only suggest updating an EPC if significant work has been done to the property, I.E. New Windows, New Boiler which could effect the energy rating on the certificate.

Should you need an EPC to market your property, we can recommend a local company to carry this out on your behalf.

We are proud members of “The Ombudsman Scheme”. https://www.tpos.co.uk


By charging a set fee, there is no incentive for your Estate Agent to negotiate with your buyer to get you more money. So we feel charging a percentage benefits everyone involved.

To operate an estate agency that charges a set fee and a low one at that, they have to deal with as many clients as possible, which means that they can’t offer the same service standards we can. You will know exactly what you will be charged from the minute you sign our contract.

Absolutely, before any viewer is booked to view your home we will carry out the following.

  • Actually speak to the viewer before they view your home to establish how serious they are and establish is the house right for them? Does it have enough bedrooms etc, this sounds ludicrous as you have a description that tells people exactly what your house entails, unfortunately some people don’t read them. So it’s best to double check.

  • Check they have got a mortgage in place or at least sought advice, some mortgage advisors won’t produce agreement in principles until an offer has been accepted on a property but from getting to understand their clients, they will know how much they can afford. However if they haven’t sought advice at least, we won’t allow buyers to view, as we cannot confirm they can actually afford to buy your home.

  • If they’re purchasing with cash, where is the cash coming from? Have they sold their property?

    • If they haven’t sold their property or they don’t even have their property on the market, we wouldn’t deter them from viewing. Some people feel like these viewers are a waste of time, however they could like your property, put their home on the market and sell within days meaning they can then buy yours, which has happened plenty of times and completed successfully.

  • We will then get from them
    • Current Address
    • Telephone numbers
    • Email Address

We can be as quick as you need us to be, if you feel happy enough to instruct Roe & Co on the initial valuation then we can do everything we need to do in order to prepare your advert on the day. Then we will get your advert prepared for you straight away and within 24 hours you will be on the market (more than often is sooner than this)

Yes we are local, we live and operate in Bolton. Roe & Co Residential Sales is a family run business with Kate Roe looking after our clients from start to finish and Stephen Roe whom looks after the marketing of our properties.

We decided not to have a high street shop because after working in a high street Estate Agency for several years and seeing less and less people coming to visit, the shop became redundant and was no longer a window to advertise properties in. After all, buyers are now finding their new home by searching the internet from home, work, even on holiday! 

We have an office situated on Chorley New Road, should clients need to visit us.

Not all sellers wish for the Estate Agent to carry out the viewings and would rather they did this themselves, after all no one knows your property better than you. So we leave that decision up to you and rather than charge higher fees just incase you would like us to carry out the viewings, we feel it is only fair that we pass the viewing cost onto those that need us to do the viewings. At the point of instructing Roe & Co, you can let us know whether you would rather we carried out the viewings or you would prefer to do them yourselves.
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